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Sponsor Afghan Children In Need of Education

Ten girls and ten boys, between the ages of 7 and 15, without access to necessary school supplies or quality education, are being supported. Students are selected based on recommendations from local volunteers. These children come from families who are in extreme financial need and cannot assist their children with the needed costs for an excellent education. Many of the parents have no formal education and your donation to help a child in need allows SE-AD the opportunity to help break the cycle of illiteracy. Helping a child gives hope and opportunity to a family in need. 

Due to the low-quality public education in Afghanistan, many students graduate from high school without the ability to read or write. These students do not have the confidence or the knowledge to succeed in life. As a result, a large number of this generation is easily influenced by drugs and/or radical terrorist groups.  

By providing financial and emotional support, SE-AD is able to assist these students with quality education and the opportunity to achieve what their parents have always dreamed of for their children.

On a monthly basis, each child requires the following expenses. When donating, you may specifically choose how your funds are applied:

  • Tuition: $80/month
  • Food: $50/month
  • Transportation: $250/month
  • Technology: $100/month
  • School supplies


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